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As we celebrate National Unplugged Day on 26th June, research published by Allen Carr Addiction Clinics emphasises that the explosion of social media, selfies and mobile devices is priming a generation of UK teenagers for a lifelong struggle with technology addiction.

The study, which questioned 1,000 UK teenagers aged 12 - 18, unveiled a worrying trend, highlighting:

• 83% of UK teenagers admit they would struggle to give up their vices for a whole month.
• The average teen checks social media 11 times a day, sends 17 text/ WhatsApp messages and takes a ‘selfie’ picture every three days.
• When asked which behaviours they could abstain from, UK teens said they would most struggle living without texting (66%), followed by social networking (58%), junk food (28%) and alcohol (6%).
• Mobile phones (79%), junk food (44%) and alcohol (9%) are the three activities teenagers were most likely to spend the most time on. One in five (20%)...

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