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Craft Gin Club Easter Freakshake

To help celebrate the most chocolatey time of the year, the UK’s leading gin subscription service, Craft Gin Club, has created the Easter Gin Freakshake, a sweet, creamy, boozy treat that’s sure to make both gin and confectionary fans very happy indeed!

Clocking in at around 2500 calories (the entire daily recommended calorie intake for an adult male!), it’s not for the faint hearted...but it is ridiculously delicious.

The recipe taps into the current trend for so-called ‘freakshakes’ – giant milkshakes topped with an array of confectionary, which cross the line from drink to dessert. Originating in Australia, these indulgent and Instagram-friendly creations have caught on rapidly across the UK.

Craft Gin Club’s recipe is a fun and easy take on the freakshake, with a strawberry milkshake base, topped with cream and some favourite Easter treats – all with the added...

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