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The hot weather left these furry alpacas feeling blue...and red...and orange but a close shearing is now helping keep them cool at the alpaca farm in Toft, Warwickshire as temperatures rocket.

“The shearers are flat out at the moment and even though our alpacas have become accustomed to the British climate, this heat wave is unprecedented. We thought we’d jazz up the field and dye a few in hot juicy colours in time for the school holidays,” commented Kerry Lord, Toft Alpaca

Toft is the UK leader in the manufacturing of home grown alpaca yarn and the design of DIY fashion knitting and crochet kits. It originates from the Toft Alpaca Stud, one of the largest alpaca livestock farms in the UK with a prize winning breeding and export program. Toft was founded in 2006 by Kerry Lord (27), daughter of alpaca farmer Rob Bettinson. The Toft farm now has an onsite shop and workshop space selling its own range of products, range of organic yarns and knitting...

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