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• 75% of British families have updated their traditional family values to adapt to modern life
• Three quarters of Brits believe table manners is the most important value they can teach their children
• Recycling, healthy eating and no iPads at the table are some of the new values that families adhere to
• The average British family spends 24 hours a week together in quality time

Family values are alive and well in Britain today with table manners, respecting your elders and being honest and truthful, emerging as the most important principles that we now abide by. And according to the new research, social media shutdowns have also now found their way into the modern family home.

The study from Beko of 1,500 young parents, has looked into the moral and practical guidelines set by British families today and revealed a host of ‘old fashioned’ values which are still very relevant.

According to 76 percent of British...

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