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It’s official - mums are cooler AND ‘more fun’ than dads - according to the nation’s children.

Research by home appliance brand Beko took an in-depth look at how kids in the UK aged between six and sixteen perceive their mums and dads - and how parents THINK they are perceived. And the research revealed mums officially pip dads to the post in the fun stakes – with over half of British children insisting mum is a better laugh.

A further 33 percent of children also described mum as the ‘coolest’ parent with just 21 percent of those polled opting for their dad. But ironically, when parents were asked to rate their own fun factor, 71 percent of confident dads thought that THEY would be seen as the ‘fun’ parent compared to a more modest 48 percent of mums.

When asked why mums were considered more fun, children said mothers spend more time with them (48 percent), while just over four in ten (43 percent) said it was because she is always...

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