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A new term coined last week has brought our attention, once again, to the debate of personal internet use in the workplace. Wilfing, short for “What Was I Looking For?” is a growing pastime in the workplace for over Two Thirds of Britain’s 33.7 million internet users.

The phrase Wilfing, much akin to Cyber Slacking and Goldbricking, describes a user’s aimless surfing of the internet without purpose or focus. It is said that during the average working week users are likely to spend, on average, 3.9 hours surfing for personal use during office time which equates to over 200 lost man hours every year per employee.

Now a new search initiative; has been launched; to allow businesses to capitalise from this daily occurrence of Wilfing, searching the web during office hours. founder, Lee Thomas explains “It’s said that personal web...

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