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Donald Anderson, senior advisor at Dynama gives his five top tips on how to use technology to get the same senior officers back onboard the same vessel

Shipping is a people business and it is no secret that there are concerns in the industry regarding a future shortage of qualified seafarers of the right standard. In fact in 2015 the BIMCO/International Chamber of Shipping Manpower(i) report identified a shortfall of approximately 16,500 officers (2.1%) with a staggering need for an additional 147,000 officers by 2025 to service the world’s merchant fleet. The good news is that globally the number of officers is forecast to increase steadily but demand will outpace supply in the coming years.

In a world where crew continuity and getting the same senior officers back onboard the same vessel is the ultimate goal of crew planners the task has just become much harder. Fewer crew changes mean reduced costs and a greater commitment to teamwork and...

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