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Personalised Peppa Pig My Granny Book

Your child joins Peppa Pig in this personalised edition of ‘My Granny’ where they list all the things they love about their Granny.
This adorable book is brought to you by Penwizard in partnership with Ladybird books and is the third personalised title to include personalisation options for your child and an adult, it is also the third personalised book to offer the option to include two children in the story, creating a truly unique personal gift for any Peppa fan – no matter what their age!
Peppa Pig is a hugely popular pre-school brand with many children adoring the loveable but slightly bossy little pig, this book is your child’s opportunity to star with their granny alongside Peppa in their own personalised ‘My Granny’ book.

A book that will appeal to granny’s as much as children, as Peppa and your child talk about how much they love their granny - including all the wonderful things she does for them! The perfect personalised present for little and...

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