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In the six months since this innovative new student recruitment system went live, nearly 20,000 students (circa 56% female and 50% STEM) have signed up to use Headstart App and the company has grown a loyal network of student ambassadors in over 100 universities across the UK.

Clients such as RBS, BP, Expedia, Accenture and the Financial Conduct Authority have joined the likes of Vodafone and L’Oréal in using the system to help ensure truly diverse, talented and suitable entry-level intakes. Hundreds of start-ups have also started using the product as a means of accessing a previously untapped talent pool.

Recently a finalist and award winner in the ‘Disrupt HR’ competition at HR Tech World in Paris and named as one of the 50 most disruptive companies in 2017, Headstart App is being widely touted as the future of...

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