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Lost pens a thing of the past

London, UK, Friday 17th March 2017 - Lost pens and misplaced mobile phones might just be a thing of the past, after a revolutionary new product was revealed by one of stationery’s most forward thinking brands.

CROSS Pens, the revolutionary fine writing instruments brand, has developed its new CROSS Peerless TrackR, which could spell an end to the frustration associated with misplacing a treasured pen.

The CROSS Peerless TrackR works when paired with a state-of-the-art app. It then uses Bluetooth* and Crowd Locate technology to keep people in touch with their faithful writing tools while on the move.

If the pen falls from the pocket of a business suit or is left in a meeting on the other side of the world, the device can alert the owner to its last known location using the TrackR app.

When the pen’s Bluetooth connection is disconnected from its paired mobile phone, TrackR’s...

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