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StaySafe is now integrated with the Garmin inReach satellite device to offer businesses a reliable way to safeguard staff who work in the world's most remote areas.

StaySafe offer a range of lone worker safety solutions for businesses looking to meet their duty of care to employees. With inReach, StaySafe is now able to offer protection in the most remote areas of the world – including oceans, airways and polar regions.

Garmin inReach is a small, affordable satellite communications device which offers 100% global coverage through Iridium’s satellite network. Accurate location tracking allows remote workers to be monitored from the StaySafe Hub, while an SOS panic allows them to signal for help in an emergency.

If a panic alert is triggered on the device, StaySafe will notify a monitor immediately, allowing an organisation to take action.

The device also helps lone workers to navigate in extremely remote areas,...

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