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 Mr Ash Mosahebi and Miss Anna Tigipko

Journalists and the eminent team of consultants at Twenty-five Harley Street celebrated the clinic’s launch and its pioneering new approach to patient care at a champagne reception on Wednesday 15th of March

Dr Stephanie Kaye-Barrett, Medical Director of the clinic greeted journalists along with the clinic founder, Miss Anna Tigipko, and General Manager Bob Davidson.

In a presentation, Miss Stephanie Kaye-Barrett laid out her vision for Twenty-five Harley Street Day Clinic, and what sets it apart from other private clinics in London’s renowned medical district.

She said: “Twenty-five Harley Street Day Clinic is different. We're not simply a collection of consultants, we are a day clinic that practises integrated medicine.

“We work together, collaboratively for the good of the patient. Although we’re all specialists in our fields, we recognise that...

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