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For immediate release: 10th August 2016

Less common menopausal symptoms

Hot flushes and night sweats are the most common menopausal symptoms, affecting around 70 percent of women. But some symptoms are more unusual and you may not connect them with the menopause at the time. Or they can be easily confused with a long-term medical condition or nutritional deficiency. So which more unusual symptoms should you be looking out for?

In the Summer 2016 issue of The Menopause Exchange newsletter, nurse consultant Debra Holloway takes a look at some of the less common menopausal symptoms, including aches and pains, skin changes and itching, bowel or bladder symptoms, palpitations, a change in taste or smell and a dry mouth or burning tongue. She also looks at conditions that can be mistaken for the menopause, including thyroid problems, fibromyalgia and stress.

“If you experience any unusual symptoms,...

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