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The Phonetentiary - phone penitentiary

The Tea Terrace Restaurants and Tea Rooms will soon be offering their customers free use of what they are calling a Phonetentiaryâ„¢.

As the clever name created by The Tea Terrace suggests, the Phonetentiary is basically a "penitentiary for phones", says Ehab Shouly, Managing Director of The Tea Terrace which owns and operates 3 restaurants and tea rooms at the House of Fraser department stores in London and Guildford.

The Phonetentiary is a small box with a combination lock which will be offered to customers to use at their tables. The box looks like a normal book on the outside and has a concealed compartment for the phones under the book cover. "We wanted it not to look out of place at the dining table so made it in the shape of a book", Shouly said.

Only the waiting staff of The Tea Terrace know the combination lock number. Guests can out their phones on silent mode and lock them in the Phonetentiary for the duration of their meal...

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