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Bottoms up for a new Doggy beer

Hair of the dog? WOOF&BREW, the makers of herbal doggy teas tonics and treats have launched ‘Bottom Sniffer’ - a new iconic doggy beer giving dogs real ‘tail swagger’.

With a 96% palatability approval rate, ‘Bottom Sniffer’ provides the ultimate refreshment and treat for dogs and offers owners the chance to have a beer with their best mate. (Humans need to buy their own beer of course) It’s also designed to produce an ‘odour’ helping create envy amongst their doggy peers when being bottom sniffed!

It’s no coincidence that this brew contains Dandelion & Burdock! Not only are these herbs full of nostalgia in ‘beer type’ drinks, they, along with all the other herbs included, help towards aiding general well being for dogs. Not forgetting they add to the unique taste of ‘Bottom Sniffer’.

Co-founder Steve Bennett commented “Apart from the fact it’s a really fun product and creates an iconic treat, there is also substance behind the name. The...

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