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Pet-House White Pawsecco

WOOF&BREW add another award-winning innovative product to their drinks for pet’s portfolio – and it’s going down a treat!

Good friends bring happiness, but best friends bring Prosecco and now mans’ best friends can join in too. WOOF&BREW’s ‘Pawsecco’, a still ‘wine’ for cats & dogs, provides the purrfect treat for those on four feet and allows owners to now share the experience in ‘raising a glass’ with their pets.

Pawsecco, which is non-alcoholic, non-carbonated and contains no grapes, is available in both ‘Pet-House White’ and ‘Pet-House Rose’, Created with the advice of veterinary experts and taste-tested by dogs and cats, these specialized healthy, herbal infusions are made with 100% natural herbs, using Elderflower, Nettle, Ginseng & Lime Flower.

This still ‘wine’ offers an elaborate, stylish treat, but one that also has real substance. Designed to pour over food, making the perfect ‘au jus’, or serve as a drink, our feline friends...

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