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This Christmas teenagers will learn
‘The Secret of Skara Vhore’.
Written by acclaimed debut author Jennifer M Calder


The Secret of Skara Vhore is the first in a gripping fantasy trilogy that details the battle between good and evil, as well as the loyalty among friends. Set in the highlands of Scotland, this book will appeal to teenagers interested in dark supernatural fiction.

Katie is a lost and troubled teenager who is claimed by distant, unknown relatives and is dispatched to the remote Scottish island of Farinsay. Distrustful of the world, she slowly accepts the friendship of perceptive Morag, mischievous Robbie and the reticent Kirig, a strange boy who lives in the hills
But sinister and ghostly events threaten them as past time spills into the present. Katie bravely struggles to uncover her forgotten history but then is asked to risk the lives of those she loves in order...

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