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English fans in South Africa for the World Cup are able to receive calls on their mobiles for free, as well as save up to 80% of the cost of call back home using a South Africa SIM card and Global SIM card.

With thousands of excited England supporters heading to South Africa in the summer the risk of being caught out in the mobile roaming trap is greater than ever. The UK mobile networks may have reduced roaming charges in Europe but users can pay up to £1.40p/min to make a call and over £1.00p/min to receive a call when roaming at the South Africa World Cup finals. However, savvy supporters can now avoid the roaming rip-off with a South African SIM card, from roaming solutions provider, that provides free incoming calls and calls to loved ones, or envious mates back in the UK, from as little as 32p/min – saving as much as 80% of call costs.

With local and...

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