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Many service-based businesses have reported an increase in their appointment no-show rates as they reopened, which can result in permanent business closures. Beauty salons, gyms, spas, non-essential retail shops have been struggling to reopen after lockdown and now they are facing an increase in no-shows. With a reduced capacity over the last few months, this is yet another blow.

More and more traditionally un-booked sectors, such as high street shops and gyms, have turned to appointment scheduling software to ensure a safe and well managed reopening.

10to8, the global booking software company, is joining the #NoMoreNoShows campaign to help service-based businesses worldwide get back on their feet. The Cambridge-based company’s goal is to expand the #NoMoreNoShows campaign’s reach from hospitality to all service-based businesses, be it hair salons, car repairs, banks, and even health clinics.

The goal is to:
- Educate customers...

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