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2ndQuadrant—a worldwide leader in PostgreSQL support, training and consultancy—has launched a ‘carrier-grade’ support service for companies who require absolute mission-critical incident protection. 2ndQuadrant is the first company to offer this level of service commitment to support the rapidly growing adoption of the open source PostgreSQL database management application.

This new service, branded Platinum Production Support, provides the additional reassurance of a guaranteed 15-minute (human) response time, 4-hour workaround, and a fix within 24 hours for PostgreSQL production databases, with 24/7 global coverage.

2ndQuadrant already has an impressive track record of recovering databases for companies of all sizes, having provided 24/7 production support for over 8 years. The company also employs the largest single group of world-renowned developers of PostgreSQL. This combination of experience and expertise is the foundation providing a...

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