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Some combinations create perfection. Combine freshly pureed white peaches from Alicante, with chilled vintage champagne, and you’ll get the perfect Bellini. Combine a private yacht, with the rugged, romantic charm of the Almafi coast, and you’ll get the perfect weekend break. Combine Veni Vidici with ASMALLWORLD, and you’ll get the perfect way to spend your Saturday afternoons.

It may have begun in New York, but Veni Vidici has fast gained a reputation for organising brunches surpassing anything you’ll find in the ‘Big Apple’. The secret to their success is simple, pure indulgent opulence and an uncompromising assurance of the ‘joie de vivre’. Their most recent brunch set a new precedent in pure extravagance, with select champagnes and rosé wines being specially flown in from the celebrated Cotes de Provence. It should come as no...

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