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London, England, 28th January, 2009: 5NINES Data Centres, the UK’s leading developer of Energy Optimised Data Centres (EODC™) have created a breakthrough design for its Elean Data Centre Campus, near Cambridge, England that reduces energy costs by almost 30 per cent and reduce carbon emissions by 40%, over traditionally designed data centres.5NINES will also used waste heat to provide a local housing development with zero carbon heating and hot water.

5NINES are able to achieve 30 per cent cost savings at the Elean Data Centre Campus by using the waste heat from the adjacent BIO-Mass power station to drive an estate wide absorption cooling infrastructure. This provides sufficient cooling for each of the 7 data centres without requiring electricity. With approximately 40% of all energy consumed by data centres being used to maintain the facilities ambient environment, the commercial benefits within the 5NINES design are immense with cooling produced effectively for...

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