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The Puzzle Box

Resurrect the art of listening

Is your child bombarded with fast and furious fantasy figures thrust upon them because you are caught up in the busy whizz of modern day keep-up-with-the-Jones’ living? Do their eyes glaze over in front of a wide variety of different sized screens, shooting myriad colours and warring wacky weirdo characters at them in frenetic scenes?

It’s time to relax, breathe, sit comfortably together and, appreciate childhood as it’s meant to be: a calm and enjoyable discovery, a first flush blossoming of the imagination, an enjoyable contentedness and veneration of life. Why not make for yourself a daily sanctuary of half an hour in which you can enjoy each other’s company; an unshakeable routine in which you know your child is listening to you because you are calm and contented and looking forward to the joint discovery of what adventure Prospero and Platty...

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