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Women are more interested in picking up social media likes at the gym than they are in picking up a man.

According to a recent survey, women are 20% more likely to take and share a selfie at the gym than their male counterparts, but 30% less likely to want to date someone they meet at the gym.

This is in stark contrast to men, where over 50% described picking up women as ‘one of the perks of going to the gym’.

The survey, conducted by sports nutrition company Multipower UK, asked over 3,000 gym-goers their motives for working out.

Gym junkie, singleton and survey participant Rebecca Metcalfe said:
“Selfies give you a degree of control over your image that you just don’t get when a guy approaches midway through a sweaty work out!
“I usually take five or six selfies before I’ve got one I’m ready to share.”

Leading female dating expert for men Kezia Noble commented on why women aren’t comfortable...

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