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Mishka paper back cover

People who read Mishka rave about it. And who could resist this modern classic that tells how Mishka saves a crime-ridden town?

Horridgrad in Siberia lives up to its name. Terrorized by a gang led by Ivan the Horrid, it seems nothing will change, until one day Natasha’s grandfather buys her a little puppy, Mishka, that turns out to not be a little puppy at all.

Professional reviewers love it.

'An inventive treat, with humour, heart, and a hint of magic." Kirkus Reviews.

"An inspiring tale of hope, courage and fellowship, featuring an old war hero, his clever granddaughter, and one exceptional "puppy". " Reedsy Discovery 5 star Must Read.

“I did enjoy this story. It’s a lovely tale of triumph over criminals and crooks.” Cornerstones literary consultancy.

The book is scoring very highly with the public on our pre-release tests. 4.6 Goodreads, (70%+ 5*****) 4.8, (81% 5*****) Amazon. Here's a...

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