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April 2019 issue

LONDON (7 March 2019) — In this issue we go beyond Cape Town, the Wine Route, and Kruger’s famed Big Five to discover a different side to South Africa. This is a land of lush deserts and magical coastlines, of lesser-known national parks, dynamic neighbourhoods and enterprising locals.

We sent two of our writers to the less-visited corners of this vast country, and they’ve come back with stories on everything from pioneering rewilding projects in the Karoo to innovative entrepreneurs transforming Soweto. Don’t miss our guide to a wild weekend break in Paternoster and the West Coast National Park, the coolest spots in urban Durban plus the best beaches for surf and sand.

We also reveal the winners of our Photography Competition 2019, in association with Donegal Tourism. This year’s revamped categories span Portfolio, Nature, Cities, Food and People.

Destinations: We explore the lofty peaks and valleys of...

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