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NGT Best of the World 2021

LONDON (17 November 2020) — With the publication of its new Best of the World 2021 list, National Geographic Traveller (UK) announces the 35 extraordinary destinations that will define our future itineraries. Profiling inspiring places, communities and innovations, the list provides an optimistic dose of escapism, as would-be travellers navigate pandemic precautions around the world.

Framed by five categories — Sustainability, Nature & Wildlife, Adventure, Culture & History and Family Travel — each inclusion honours a superlative destination with a relevant story to tell for the year ahead. From the exploration of ‘Africa’s last Eden’ in Gabon and the environmental efforts of Denver, Colorado, to the nearly completed England Coast Path (the world’s longest seafront walking trail) and so much more, the 2021 list profiles conservation successes, preservation achievements, cultural resilience, and tales of communities overcoming daunting obstacles to thrive despite the...

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