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Embargo for Equal Pay Day: Please do not publish until 01:00 (GMT) November 10, 2017

The row over equal pay for BBC presenters could help start an avalanche of similar claims, says leading provider of legal services and advice to businesses, ARAG, on Equal Pay Day.

The Supreme Court’s recent removal of the tribunal fees that had to be paid to make such claims, coupled with the publicity surrounding the potential, high profile case against the BBC (1), and others such as those involving major British supermarkets, could create a perfect storm for UK employers.

The number of equal pay claims received by the tribunal service dropped by 85% immediately after the introduction of tribunal fees in July 2013 and the annual number of claims is roughly a third of what it was five years ago (2).

Until the Supreme Court ruled that employment tribunal fees were indirectly discriminatory and thus unlawful in July this year, it cost up to...

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