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Parents are being warned that they could unknowingly be legally liable for some credit card expenditure that their children make using card details stored in games console accounts.

The warning follows numerous reports of parents discovering apparently unauthorised expenditure, often totaling hundreds of pounds, only to find that their children have purchased in-game currency such as FIFA Points or Fortnite’s V-Bucks, through a console.

The caution comes from leading legal protection and advice provider ARAG, which offers telephone legal advice to the millions of families and businesses that the company insures.

“A lot of parents have been shocked to see how quickly a child can run up a large, unauthorised credit card bill, buying V-Bucks or another in-game currency.” comments Hector Stamboulieh, In-House Counsel at ARAG. “Some are then doubly surprised to find that they can’t necessarily fall back on the usual protections that credit...

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