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Fouled beds, lack of education, poor support for front line workers, reduction in continence care. Where is it going wrong?

“The NHS changes will not affect front line workers” Said the Prime Minister.

We believe it is a rather naïve approach to belief that senior managers in the NHS will not cut or change the staff employed in care to address the economic pressures they are under.

The reduction in the budgets led us to believe that savings were essential in the long term. However the knee jerk reaction of local authorities resulted in the reduction of many staff. The changes and goals were “too much too quick “.

The press has been full of incontinence issues recently. Mothers and fathers not getting correct care, relatives finding loved ones in beds of urine and faeces, older people not receiving products to allow them some dignity. If we did not know better it reads like a Dickens story of old work houses. Florence...

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