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Birdie, an AgeTech startup, has closed a €7m Series A funding round led by AXA, bringing the total money raised since launch in 2017 to €9.5m. Birdie endeavours to innovate the elderly care sector and, on a wider scale, change society’s management and relationship towards ageing
The company, which positions itself as the world’s first holistic ‘care companion’ platform, aims to support older adults to live healthy and independent lives within the comfort of their own home.

Through its digital apps and connected devices, Birdie optimises care in three ways: it allows care providers to ‘go paperless’ by digitising cumbersome and time-consuming admin and reporting; it facilitates communications and the sharing of information of an older adult's care between care professionals, families and other health practitioners; and it provides families with peace of mind – allowing them to follow their...

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