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Embargoed until 00.01am, 18th March 2005

80% of products are discarded after just one use as Britain creates its own body weight in rubbish every four days

Research from Envirowise has revealed the extent to which ‘throwaway culture’ has taken hold in Britain. The government programme found that the majority of Britons believe that most products are not designed to last a lifetime. Sixty-five per cent feel that products do not last as long as they did 25 years ago, and that even larger items like washing machines will only last a few years before they must be replaced:
· 46% of people expect a washing machine to last less than six years
· 75% think a laser jet printer will last less than six years
· 74% expect a kettle to break within six years
· 51% of iPod owners confess they have no idea how long the device will continue to function (but just 8% think they will last more than 5 years)
· 40% expect a mobile phone...

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