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Nevsah and her book Awakening

As I’m sure you know World Book Day is fast approaching on 5th March 2020. Whilst children everywhere are choosing their costumes and deciding which book to use their tokens for we have something special for the grown-ups out there. 'Awakening' by Nevsah is bringing its way to the UK after being launched with much success in the USA, published by a division of Hay House.

‘Awakening’ is a book for all ages ranging from young adults to those older and wiser, we can all benefit from the awakening of this book. With this book, the author Nevsah hopes to expand the readers’ consciousness and provide tools on how to live an extraordinary life by staying awake and connected.

Nevsah is a respected global expert & teacher that has been teaching and lecturing for 18 years. In this book, she explores the subject of the many misconceptions surrounding spirituality and what Awakening actually is.

“There are a lot of misconceptions about Awakening...

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