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Lottery sales in EU countries show that 82 billion euros are collected each year, on average. Although the majority of those revenues are supposed to benefit society, a new study from Unibet reveals that just 10 percent of lottery revenues are actually set aside specifically for charities or good causes.

Every week, billions of people around the world enter the lottery, hoping that maybe this time round they will finally hit the big jackpot. The lottery companies promise that a large proportion of their revenue are directed to charity. In reality, the quantity that actually ends up contributing to good causes varies greatly between countries and companies, and, in some cases, is surprisingly small.

The most generous European countries are Ireland and Portugal, both of which donate 31 percent of their lottery revenues to charity. The UK comes fifth on the list, donating 25 percent. Spain and France donate just 2 percent apiece, making them amongst the...

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