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Extending, customising and automating Atlassian Confluence

We are very excited that Atlassian customers will now be able to harness the power of Scriptrunner directly in Confluence.

Adaptavist announces ScriptRunner for Confluence

Adaptavist announces the release of a new member of the ScriptRunner family. ScriptRunner for Confluence bring the ability to extend, customise and automate to Atlassian Confluence. It gives Confluences admins and managers the ability to integrate and process external data and information, make the Confluence experience more dynamic and schedule actions and tasks.

Since 2007, ScriptRunner for JIRA has developed into a must-have add-on for JIRA. It allows JIRA to be extended, enhanced and integrated, making it an even more essential tool for organisations that want to support their workflows and business processes. ScriptRunner for JIRA makes JIRA more intelligent, more dynamic and more powerful. Over 13,000 instances of JIRA use it to enhance JIRA.

Making Confluence more automated

With the launch of ScriptRunner for Confluence, the same approach has been applied to Atlassian’s collaboration and knowledge management tool. You can extend Confluence events, dynamically insert data, customise menus and dialogs and script macros without needing to write add-ons.

A step-change in the power of Confluence

The most powerful transformation that ScriptRunner for Confluence introduces is to be able to embed external data in your Confluence posts, pages and discussions. It means that authors can give their information context and bring real-time information into Confluence.

You can integrate and process data or information from any REST API source. You could pull in status or build information from other Atlassian applications such as JIRA or Bitbucket. Alternatively, integrate with third-party software and make Confluence more intelligent with real-time information. Salesforce, Xero, Google Sheets, Twitter, Yammer, Sharepoint, Hubspot… Imagine what you could do for your organisation.

“ScriptRunner for JIRA came about because I wanted – well, needed – a way make it do the things I needed to do,” says Jamie Echlin, ScriptRunner’s creator. “JIRA’s at its most powerful when it’s tailored to how people and organisations actually work. That’s what I wanted to bring to Confluence. Rather than linking to a data source or cutting and pasting the information into a page, people want to see the real information or data that’s being referred to.”

Four-dimensional Confluence

Automation adds an extra level of power and value for Confluence users and admins. With ScriptRunner for Confluence you have the ability to conditionally include menu items and content in Confluence pages and tailor the user experience based on role, permission or other profile information – without using or writing an Add-On.

Many current users of ScriptRunner for JIRA will be familiar with Scripted Event Handlers and Scripted Jobs and will want to implement them in Confluence to dynamically respond to actions, comments or changes of status. They’ll be able to script specific responses to actions within Confluence – looking for trigger words in pages and posts or changing labels of aged posts, for example.

"Scriptrunner has a long history of extending the power of JIRA via customisation across our robust user base," said Nick Wade, Head of Ecosystem at Atlassian. " We are very excited that Atlassian customers will now be able to harness the power of Scriptrunner directly in Confluence. "

For more information, visit the Adaptavist ScriptRunner page or purchase ScriptRunner for Confluence from the Atlassian Marketplace

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