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The Aemyrie Igneum has landed

With summer now upon the Northern Hemisphere, thoughts are very much turned to al fresco entertaining. There is nothing quite like food which has been cooked outdoors to make both the heart and taste buds sing. And it seems nothing such as the Aemyrie Igneum has been seen or used before to prepare meals in this way. Could this be not only the world’s most expensive, but equally the world’s most luxurious and technologically advanced barbecue?

An Aemyrie Igneum is more than just a high-end grill; it is a working piece of art. Guaranteed to add opulence and elegance to any outdoor space; whether that be a garden, yacht or poolside area. What makes it even more distinctive is the barbecue’s bespoke nature – no two Aemyrie grills are the same, making it a completely unique investment.

Aemyrie was founded in 2015 by fine...

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