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New Sleep Enhancer Aromatherapy Range

Mela, which first launched its award-winning weighted blanket in 2018, has announced its rebrand. Launching 1st August this year, newly named Aeyla is expanding its product offering to align with an updated mission - to help people break the sleep-stress cycle.

The sleep-stress cycle
When we're stressed or anxious, it can often lead to difficulties with sleep. If sleep quality is poor, days can feel more stressful. And so goes the sleep-stress cycle.

Right now, there’s a lot keeping people up at night. Only 20% of adults say the quality of their sleep is ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’ and, in the past month, nearly half of us will lie awake at night due to stress or worrying. If we don’t get the hours of sleep we need, our stress levels increase; 21% of adults reported feeling more stressed on less sleep.

There’s no quick fix to improving our sleep cycle. Instead, Aeyla approaches the problem holistically by curating a growing...

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