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A pioneering European research consortium is seeking to revolutionise ‘personalised’ mental healthcare via the development of a new digital self-help platform

Lancaster, UK - September 5th 2017 - An international coalition of scientists are launching the AffecTech project, designed to create an innovative wearable technology platform to combat affective health disorders, notably depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder.

AffecTech gets underway September 2017 and aims to deliver an effective low cost ‘self-help’ technology platform to help sufferers of affective health conditions.

The four-year, 3.88 million Euro project will contribute cutting-edge research into wearable systems for emotion regulation, and advance understanding of how personalised technology can empower people to better understand their emotions and regulate them in daily life.

Led by Lancaster University’s Professor Corina Sas in the UK, AffecTech brings...

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