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Axxon, the market leader in open network video management software in the EMEA region, has announced that it is launching an innovative, low cost retail Point of Sale (POS) integration module into its Axxon Smart Pro video management platform to help UK retailers tackle the rising levels of employee retail theft.

New figures released by the Centre for Retail Research showed that the value of goods stolen from UK retailers had risen by 20% to reach £4.88bn for the year ending 30th June 2009. The report entitled ‘Global Retail Theft Barometer 2009’ also highlighted that 36.4% of the total amount stolen in the UK was through employee theft, with employees responsible for high value theft, averaging £1595.66 per theft incident compared to £80.31 for external shoplifters.

One of the core areas of employee theft is ‘sweet-hearting’, which costs UK retailers millions of pounds annually. Dishonest staff, working with friends or ‘sweethearts’, steal...

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