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Drinking reality

Hayley Goes... Sober
Episode 1 of 6
BBC One 11 pm Tuesday 18th June

Hayley Pearce, 29, loves a drink. Like many people she started drinking when she was 15 and still enjoys a boozy weekend. But with the recent trend of the sober revolution, Hayley wants to find out more about going teetotal, especially as almost a third of 16-24-year-olds now don’t drink at all.

Hayley faces sobriety for a month, during this time she explores the effect that regular drinking can have on our physical and mental health, and how it impacts social lives. From hard-hitting reality checks to alcohol reduction hypnotherapy with Ailsa Frank, from sober raves to social influencers, Hayley will be forced to face up to her drinking past and confront being sober head on. As she attempts to swap her love of red wine for four weeks of soft drinks, what does she learn about herself and our alcohol culture?

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