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KETOSCAN Mini: new real-time ketone analyser launches in the UK

Female using KETOSCAN Mini

As the number of people in the UK feeling the benefits of a ketogenic diet rises, a new ketone analyser and real-time fat burning monitor is set to make tracking it even easier.

The new KETOSCAN Mini is the world’s first cartridge-based portable ketone analyser and allows users to accurately find out their ketosis level with a simple exhale of breath - blood tests can now be a thing of the past.

The pocket-sized device measures the concentration of ketones (acetone) in the same way that a breathalyser measures alcohol in your breath, indicating when your body is in ketosis - burning fat - and enabling users to perfect their diet and maximise weight loss.

Equipped with an ultra-precise electrochemical cartridge, the KETOSCAN Mini gives highly accurate readings in PPM (parts per million) and is the result of 10 years of research.

Breath testing as a non-invasive form of monitoring ketones is growing in popularity; it’s more convenient than blood testing and with no expensive test strips to buy, it’s also cheaper in the long run. With just a cartridge change at intervals of 300 tests, using KETOSCAN Mini costs less than 13p per test to run.

With the KETOSCAN app, keto followers can pair their device via Bluetooth and track, record and annotate their keto journey with data and photos. The app will also sync with iOS Health, Google Fit and Samsung Health.

The device is also ideal for patients with diabetes and epilepsy undergoing medically supervised treatment with ketogenic food therapy.

KETOSCAN Mini launches in the UK from September and is available to pre-order now at Every pre-order will receive a free cartridge change service voucher worth £39.

UK users will have access to a Facebook user group for community support, advice and to share experiences and recipes to aid their keto journey.

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