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EMBARGOED UNTIL 00.01hrs Thursday October 28 2010


A new survey reveals the secrets of ‘Sex and The Sicky’. And the fact people are so desperate for extra time in bed, they’d be prepared to pay for it.

The Sleep Council survey for National Sleep-In Day (October 31, the day the clocks go back) found

• Six out of 10 respondents plan to spend the extra hour on Sunday enjoying a lie-in
• More than one in three people admitted to ‘throwing a sicky’ – often to spend extra time in bed
• Given a lazy day in bed men would spend it having sex while women would prefer to just read
• Nearly half those questioned would actually pay to spend a lazy day in bed

"It’s clear from this survey that a lot of people want to spend a lot more time in their beds,” said Jessica Alexander of The Sleep Council.

In fact, some will go to almost any lengths to do so. 45% of working...

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