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• Brits’ favourite thing about Christmas Day is spending time with family but 20% have suffered a festive disaster
• 24% of Christmas disasters are burst pipes and water leaks
• Men vote gadgets their favourite present, but for women it’s jewellery.

50% of Brits say the thing they look forward to most on Christmas Day is spending time with their family and they voted their top three festive activities as watching movies, playing board games and family walks, according to new research from leading insurer, Allianz Your Cover.

Unfortunately, the survey of 2,000 householders also revealed that one in five householders has experienced a Christmas Day disaster and 44% of those said it ‘ruined their day’. Allianz Your Cover found that the most common problems encountered over the festive holiday are:

1) Burst pipes and water leaks (24%)
2) Illness (21%)
3) Power cuts (13%)
4) Burning the Christmas Dinner...

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