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DECEMBER 2018: Van drivers should be asking Santa for a new van this Christmas according to research from Vanarama, the UK’s leading van leasing company. The research revealed how dirty old vans are costing tradespeople money, with 75% of homeowners saying that turning up in a van that had clearly seen better days would mean they were less likely to offer them the job.

For van drivers, a van is so much more than just a place to keep tools, it’s their mobile billboard, where they do their invoices, and it’s where they might sleep when they’re on the naughty list. It’s also their brand, and in 2019 it’s time van drivers invested in their personal brand – a whopping 70% of homeowners said they wouldn’t have any confidence in a tradesperson whose van didn’t have their logo on it, and almost half (44%) would question both the professionalism and the quality of the work done by someone driving an unpresentable old van.

But it doesn’t stop there … a further...

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