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On 8th September in London, Human Rights charity, Voice of Humanity, will be staging a charity fundraising event in aid of Amnesty International, “The Voice of Humanity Fund,” to address global atrocities against men and women and also to raise much needed funds to continue production of their Human Rights feature film, “The Voice of Humanity.”

According to the organisers spokesperson Ross Fall, the reason for hosting the event is to address the many atrocities and inhumanities being committed against innocent men, women and even children across the world, especially in Iran today.

“This is a film being made for the international cinema which will be addressing the many crimes and atrocities being committed against various minority groups in Iran, groups such as the Baha'i, Iranian Jewish and Christian communities and even Muslims, who are by no means exempt from suffering these atrocities.

“Our message to the world is by no means what...

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