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Monsieur George, Paris: A new hotel by Anouska Hempel

Monsieur George Reception

Paris will soon see a completely new hotel opening, exuding an aura of sensual elegance. Designed around all the tones of dark green, it’s created by Anouska Hempel, and lies in the heart of the 6th arrondissement, where a part of rue Washington takes on the aura of a Moroccan oasis.

Having worked in Istanbul for the last 5 years, on a palace on the Bosphorus, Anouska Hempel has taken the touches of her Arabic and Lebanese connections into a special mix of magical seduction. Lighting is soft and subdued, picking up the seductive atmosphere of the interiors.

Dark green velvet in eglomisé mirrors dominate the scene with capricious touches of Turkish-influenced cuisine, and everything lives in harmony with the glorious dark green Moroccan Walilli herringbone tiles from Fez. Hammam bowls are used to serve a menu of exotic dishes onto the marble-topped tables. Soufflés and truffles abound and stunningly dressed staff dance in attendance, creating seamless service. This is a couture experience that only Hempel can concoct, mixed with her confidence to cross-reference cultural notes and traditions; a signature of her style, which can often be found in the essence of her creativity.

The Washington suites, named after George Washington, are in dark grey velvet with gold over tones and under tones. The Franklin suites are all in white on white tones, in linens and cottons. The Windsor suites, named after the Duke of Windsor and Mrs. Simpson, have grey taffeta and billowing velvet everywhere – top to bottom, and made bespoke to work with every space, with romance and glamour.

The Chequers suites, named after Baroness Thatcher, on the other hand has a touch of Kyoto, with glass windows between the bathroom and the bedroom. Other suites are in dark greens, appropriately for the garden rooms.

The hotel is eccentric and exciting, and has her thoughts, travels and signature style in every object, furnishing and detail, and as Hempel describes it: “Casablanca has kissed the city, Tangier has tickled its toes and Marrakech speaks 5 languages.”


Address: Hotel Monsieur George, no. 17 rue Washington, Paris.

The hotel counts 48 bedrooms, Le George Restaurant and bar has 40 tables, and the restaurant seats 78.

Opening: Oct 2019.


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