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New multi-room single-split air-conditioning system slashes costs

Ideal for residential and light commercial applications

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Until now, anyone wanting to have air-conditioning in more than one room typically had to have an outdoor unit and one indoor unit for each of the rooms. However, with the new Easyzone system from Daikin only one indoor and outdoor unit is required, leading to a big reduction in installation costs.

The multi-room single-split system, which is offered by Bedfordshire-based Climate By Design, can provide cooling for up to eight zones. The single indoor unit can be located in a loft, and feeds air through ducting into each zone.

The temperature in each zone can be individually controlled by changing the supplied air volume through the use of dampers and room thermostats. The easy to install system can provide heating as well as cooling.

"On a three bedroom project we sized for a client recently, the Easyzone system worked out at over a third cheaper compared with having each room individually air-conditioned with slim-ducted systems - and with far less equipment in their loft too," said Climate By Design's Mick Blunden.

Ideal for residential and light commercial applications, the system is suitable for new and refurbishment projects. Set point adjustment is in 0.5degC increments and inverter control ensures maximum energy efficiency throughout the year.


Image captions

1. A typical Daikin Easyzone single-split air-conditioning system installed in a loft space.

2. A typical Daikin Easyzone layout for a small residential installation.

Ref: CBD118
Date: 19 November 2018

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