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A brand new series of benchtop DC power supplies from MDL Technologies offers high performance at an affordable price. Compact and lightweight, the Chroma 62000L series has a linear output with low noise and ripple, as well as a fast transient response.

Designed to meet the stringent requirements of the next generation of power electronics, the programmable units provide a clean and stable output with noise of less than 3 mV peak-to-peak and a transient response time of better than 50 us.

Auto-ranging makes it possible to freely adjust the voltage and current without the need to manually select the optimum range, allowing the power to be available across all the voltage and current settings. This means that when integrated into a standard ATE, one 62000L could take the place of multiple conventional power supplies.

The models have GPIB and USB interfaces as standard for remote control, and up to seven units can be connected together in...

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