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Monday October 19th marks the start of National Energy Saving Week.

Participating are the distributors of a remarkable home insulation product, Sempatap Thermal, now available to the consumer for the very first time.

Nine million homes in the UK have solid walls. Without effective insulation, they will lose up to 45% of heat. Insulating a solid wall home typically has been both disruptive and expensive but now an average three bedroom terraced house can be insulation for around £700 – and it can be done it in your own time, room by room. Sempatap Thermal is an award-winning material which comes on a roll and is applied just like wallpaper. Any competent DIYer can do it.

Once in place any decorative finish can be added - paint, paper – even tiles. Tested by the Building Research Establishment and accredited by the Energy Saving Trust as a recommended product, Sempatap Thermal is the only effective and efficient alternative to...

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