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ararkis sandstorm, desert view

Ararkis Automobili Ltd, UK Unveils the Ararkis Sandstorm: The World's Fastest
0-100 km/h Production Car

London, UK, 17/01.2024 – Ararkis Automobili Ltd, UK is thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking moment in automotive history with the introduction of the Ararkis Sandstorm – an EV hypercar that is pushing the boundaries of speed and innovation. This launch marks an exhilarating chapter in the world of luxury vehicles, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to revolutionizing automotive performance and design.

Founder's Vision

At the helm of this revolutionary hypercar is Priven Reddy, a visionary South African-born tech entrepreneur celebrated for his innovative and cutting-edge global projects. Reddy's passion for innovation and dedication to excellence have culminated in the creation of the Sandstorm, a vehicle that represents the future of EV hypercars.

Unprecedented Speed

The Sandstorm...

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