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The South West Heritage Trust

London – 11th January 2018. Arkivum Ltd., a leading provider of compliance-driven long-term data safeguarding and digital preservation solutions, has announced that the South West Heritage Trust (SWHT) has chosen the Arkivum PERPETUA solution to ensure that the Trust’s digital assets are kept secure and made more accessible to the public, thereby helping to preserve the rich cultural heritage of Somerset and Devon for future generations. 

SWHT is responsible for over 7 million original documents relating to the history of Somerset at the Somerset Heritage Centre, and of Devon at the Devon Heritage Centre and the North Devon Record Office. The Trust provides open public access to the archives and digital records on site, and by implementing Arkivum PERPETUA the Trust will be able to offer a dramatically improved data integrity across the entire digital collection. The Trust will also be able to include collections into Arkivum PERPETUA from the three museums within the...

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