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Helen Ball at her lockdown desk

With increasing numbers of home workers sitting at their dining room tables or on their beds to work, Alexander Technique teacher Helen Ball has created a simple new system called Desk-Life, to show how we can all prevent or reduce back and neck pain.

11 million home workers have reported increased pain and Kent business owner, Helen Ball wanted to do something to help people through this unique situation as home working looks to stay through 2020 and beyond.

With no face to face treatment options because of Covid-19, Helen Ball had to think quickly how to continue her work. She used her newfound time in lockdown to create a step-by-step video course that can reduce back and neck pain for homeworkers all over the world.

Helen now 41, suffered from acute back pain in her 20’s and 30’s but since she has been practicing and teaching The Alexander Technique, she no longer suffers and has been inspired to share this with others.
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