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Front and back cover of Book Verti-Goat

Bullying on the increase within age groups 7-16....

At a time when bullying and its terrible consequences are being highlighted daily in the news, Verti-Goat is a beautifully illustrated children's book about how to not give up hope. We all have the power to bring change for ourselves and others, we all have the strength and bravery needed to overcome challenges that life throws at us. Vergo epitomizes this and with the love and support from his family and friends he becomes our unlikely hero.

There’s something quite funny about an animal who struggles to cope with the fundamentals of its being and Vergo is a mountain goat with the fear of heights and an inability to climb.
But on a more serious note, it’s something we can all relate to. There are areas in life that everybody struggles with sooner or later, especially as children. Vergo is here to show that nobody is alone and the thing that makes people different from everyone else is usually...

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