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Life occasionally gets the better of us, no matter how optimistic our outlook. Some mornings we sometimes feel like we’re back to square one and it takes effort to build ourselves back up again. Hence it’s important to seek out those little moments of joy wherever possible - whether it’s a stress-busting workout at the gym, or a mood-boosting beautifying session to restore equilibrium.

Ayo is a line of premium body products specifically created for that purpose and designed for the health and body conscious woman who recognises that the products we use ON our bodies are as important as the ingredients we put IN them. Pronounced eye-oh, the word itself means joy and happiness in the Yoruba language.

The Scent:
At the heart of the range is its unique ‘Salute the Sun’ fragrance created by renowned perfumer Azzi Glasser (who has created bespoke scents for the likes of Kate Moss and Helena-Bonham Carter). ‘Salute the Sun’ comprises bright notes of...

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